Underground stories – another chapter


After I was sick a whole day, back to work.

And because it was the 1st day I decided to take the subway after Zoom’s launch, I wanted to see what is all about this new newtwork. I was expecting all monitors in Unirii station to be working, to broadcast different content…all in all, to work in force, as any new launched thing that wants to prove something.

But, in the “sweet” Romanian style, I counted exactly six monitors that were working – well they were broadcasting a promo, on three plasma screens on the right side and three plasma screens on the left side of the station. The rest of the screens – closed, probably because they were using too much power. So at the time I transited the station, the impact on the consumer was nul.

Also in Unirii station, on the line that links University station with Romana, because only there can be done promotions (no comments here…), an XXL version of that new sensor Glade product. So people can see it. I’m wondering though, why there isn’t a replica of that product that actually works…I think it would generate more results.

There’s also the new Pate Ardealul there, talking in a commercial about a metro train 1,5 times longer…After Skol that tried to remember people that take the subway the elementary rules of walking in the stations and of getting inside the trains, with no visible results though, Ardealul is waving the idea of a 1,5 times longer train. An option that would be very nice to be real, especially when nobody seems to see the trains should get into stations more often, considering for the number of people present in the stations during the entire day.

The cherry on top was something else: free newspapers recovered from thrash cans. And not by homeless people, but by people that, if you look at you wouldn’t say they will do that. My conclusion is that both Compact and Ring should supplement the copies they distribute in subway stations or, at least, to save some copies for later hours also. Guess what? People aren’t taking the subway only very early in the morning, but also later in the day.