Summer and World Cup – perfect dance for consumer’s money


Yes, there is still economical crisis but we all know that big events always have the power to overcome that and to present to the public the idea of a world in which all is sports (football, in this case) and performance, enjoyment and matches won by the favorite team. That combines with the usual summer promotions and campaigns to create the image of an explosive summer in which all that matters is fun, parties, sports and consuming all the products promoted as making your time better.

As summer is a fact for almost a month now, it brings along with it high temperatures as usual, a heavenly blessing for the sales of still /carbonated drinks and beer producers. Along with drinking, among summer’s imperatives there are ice cream, seaside, traveling, trips, concerts, entertainment, amusement, clothes to fit the occasion and, why not, gadgets to present one cooler than the real self.

As from Friday, we have the World Cup running, an opportunity for each and every advertiser with activities or brand remotely close to sport to declare itself a big fan of football. They pledge their support for this or that team, to the fans or God knows to whom, with the clear and non-hidden purpose to get the money out of people’s pockets.

On the other hand, there is the consumer. Some might say he/she is stupid and take as truth whatever ads say. The others might think further and know the consumer isn’t stupid, but plays along, because he/she likes to be given importance, feel good about his/her options and buy products that are presented in an appealing way, even if they are more expensive than what he/she would normally go for.

Now it’s the sports pledge that’s being exploited. Who doesn’t support their national team? Or any other team when it comes about a competition? There is a popular say: “Everybody is good at football, politics and advertising”, and it applies here also. So brands and advertisers don’t mind telling you that you’re the best or the expert if you are willing to buy their products.

The buzz created around World Cup is coming on the already existent summer mood: consumers that go for holidays and spend all their money to feel good and make up for an entire year during which they worked continuously.

All in all, the madness will last till July 15th, when I’m sure someone will announce us through an ad that the brand X proudly supported Y team, that won the 2010 World Cup.

And the story will go on 🙂

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