The New York City campaign – anti-Vegas

Creativity, Marketing

They say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but now New York City is starting its own campaign, marketing itself to tourists as anti-Vegas.

The new advertising campaign aims that tourists that will go to New York City to keep in mind all the experiences they had in the American city. Also, the campaign has as target to attract 50M tourists anually by 2013, as New York Times informs. According to the American newspaper, the campaign costs are of $1,2M but it is expected to reach an exposure worthing $30M.

New York City will be promoted on TV, in in print and on billboards in US and in Australia, Brazil and Europe.

The campaign, that uses “See More. Be More” theme, mixes the attractions of the city.

New York City campaign doesn’t focus on buying space in newspapers and magazines, but on partnerships with companies that want to be associated with the city.

According to UK Marketing Magazine, the campaign will last a year and will be supported by brands such as American Express, American Airlines and Travelocity.