It’s on! US president – Lady Gaga race for 10m fans on Facebook

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Because of Facebook, Lady Gaga and US President Barack Obama are in some sort of a race that will have as winner the one that gets 1st to 10M friends in the social network.

According to CNN, that quotes Facebook publicist, the singer and the US president are having the biggest odds of becoming the 1st living person with more than 10M fans on Facebook.

If it is to make tops taking in consideration the number of fans on Facebook, than the place with biggest number of fans is Disneyland, followed by Walt Disney World and Hawaii. The top 10 places after Facebook fans is completed by Cedar Point, MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art, Disneyland Paris, Alton Tower, Me encanta mirar las estrellas and The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.

Also from the Facebook fans’ preferences, the most liked restaurants are Dippin’Dots, Outback Steakhouse and Domino’s Pizza.

In what concerns politicians, Barack Obama is the most popular, followed by Sarah Palin and Philippines’ president, but also Philippine senator Manny Villar and the US First Lady Michelle Obama.

When is about TV Shows, House takes the honors, with over 7,5M fans, followed by Scrubs, SpongeBob SquarePants, Gossip Girls and Glee. On the Movie section, The Hangover is the top number of fans on Facebook, followed by Titanic, Twilight, American Pie and Disney Pixar.

People also like games, the most enjoyed one being Texas Hold’em Poker, with almost 20M fans, followed by Mafia Wars, Zoo, The Artifice and The Sims 3. In sports, the most popular on Facebook are 2 Turkish soccer teams, Galatasaray and Generbahce, followed by LA Lakers and Boston Celtics – American football teams – and the British soccer team Arsenal.

The celebrities with the most fans are, in order, Vin Diesel, Dr.House, Selena Gomez, Ashton Kutcher and Jackie Chan. Celebrities from the music industry are lead by Lady Gaga, followed by Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Metallica, followed by Eminem, Coldplay, Beyonce, Pink Floyd and AKON.