Vodafone Romania launches SMS Survey for research companies, completing its AdPlus service

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Vodafone Romania launched SMS Survey, a research channel that can reach a high number of respondents at the same hour. The profile of respondents can be established according to study’s criteria.

By launching SMS Survey, Vodafone Romania is completing its mobile advertising service AdPlus with a new channel of quantitative measuring dedicated to research companies.

According to an online press release, the SMS Survey channel offers a series of advantages such as: it can reach a bit number of subjects at the same hour, respondents can be selected in terms of sex, age, rural / urban area, can collect a big number of answers in a short period of time and with lower costs and others.

A test study was made to establish who Romanians see as a winner of World Cup.  The Argentinian team is “the winner” in the eyes of the 2,773 Vodafone Romania’s clients that took part to this research, made together with Brennan Research & Consultants

Vodafone Romania is a division of Vodafone Group Plc. and had 9,73M clients in Romania at the end of march.