Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) has a new visual identity

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Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) has a new visual identity that was launched on July 12th, during a press conference organized by the Foreign minister, Teodor Baconschi, according to institution’s website.

The change of the visual identity of MAE is a necessary step in the institution’s modernizing process. A new and modern graphical identity will allow MAE to better position in the internal and external public space and to better represent Romania at international level.  The remake of the visual identity comes in a period when promoting Romania’s external policy interests must be done in a communicational society when public communication plays an important role and assumes very different forms.

The developing and internal approval process for the new MAE graphical identity started in the second half of 2008. The process included many analysis and conception stages to reach to a unified, modern and easy to recognize visual identity that also maintains some of the representative elements used before, such as “Semper Fides Partiae” motto and the symbolic bird.

In the same time, it was created a visual identity manual, with strict rules regarding using the new identity on internal and external documents, promotional materials, other visual elements etc. A short version of the identity manual is available here.

The visual identity’s graphical elements were realized pro bono by MAE’s external partners.

Implementing the new visual identity for MAE will be a process that will last a long period of time, with a transitional period of couple months in which the old and the new identity will work together due to the complexity of the changing process and in order to reduce costs.

MAE is also preparing the launch of a new website that will assume the new visual identity.

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