Beijing police makes a blog and podcasts to boost transparency

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Beijing Police launched a microblog, blogs and a podcast on Sunday, in the latest move in its public relations campaign, according to Xinhua. The move comes half a month after the Chinese capital police set up a public relations office to enhance transparency and interaction with residents.

The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau officially launched its new media services at the news portals, and and video-sharing site after a three-day trial. The services, branded as “Safe Beijing”, offer a new communication channel between police and the general public.

“With the aid of modern technology, we hope to communicate with residents and vulnerable groups with frankness and sincerity, as well as promote social justice,” said Fu Zhenghua, head of the bureau.

In the first microblog post, the bureau pledged to offer the latest police affairs news, anti-fraud tips and stories of model community police.

More than 17,600 people logged onto the microblog service on Sunday and some posts received hundreds of comments.