Elena Udrea: We want to set rules in Romanian outdoor advertising

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Elena Udrea, Romanian Regional Development and Tourism minister, said, during a debate to discuss the new draft regulation regarding outdoor ads placements, that she wants to set clear rules in Romanian outdoor, that became chaotic and generates a hidous urban peisage.

“We want to regulate the chaos in outdoor, in street advertising, that got to generate an urban disgracefull peisage in Bucharest and not only”, Udrea said.

She also added she wants to take more in consideration the opinion of the architecture and peisage specialists, giving less importance to the public local administration. Udrea explained her attitude by the fact that “the public administration includes mainly politicians” and barely resist to pressure applied by different groups.

Elena Udrea alsosaid that the deadline until which outdoor panels actually installed in Bucharest can stay where they are is March 31st 2011.

At the same debate, there were present a State Secretary from the Culture Ministry, Andrei Chiliman, mair of Bucharest’s 1st Sector, representatives of the Architects Order and other specialists.

The draft is forbidding outdoor advertising in national parks and reservations, on art monuments, on historical buildings and monuments. The only exception are the panels that announce the activity that takes place inside the building.  Also, the ads on the deteriorated buildings will be forbidden,if it affects the resistance structure and stability, on traffic poles, around cemeteries, churches or public parks.

On August 13th, Romanian Regional Development and Tourism Ministry announced its intention to change, through a legal document, the rules regarding outdoor advertising, after it ran a control action that showed a third of the outdoor ad spaces placed in the last 3 years at national level do not have a construction authorization.

The control in which the Ministry’s authorities found out that 30% of national outdoor spaces do not have a construction authorization verified  a total of 16.761 outdoor supports build from 2007 to 2010. From those, 6.454 (33%) didn’t have construction authorization. After the control, the authorities decided 1.756 outdoor surfaces will disapear.