Issuu has 48% of its users in Europe

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Issuu has 48% of its users coming from Europe, 24% from North America and 28% from other regions of the world.

Issuu reached recently a milestone,having 33 million readers monthly and publishing a quarter of million new publications per month.

Also, receives every month 2,4 billion impressions, assuming the position of leader among digital publishing platforms.

According to company’s website, “it’s our mission to empower individuals, companies and institutions to publish their documents across all digital platforms”.

Recently, Issuu announced the launch of Issu AdPages,together with Adform. The new digital media format is integrated with the Adform end-to-end advertising platform to expand the way companies promote their products and services with their target audiences. Issuu AdPages easily repurposes new and/or existing traditional print marketing materials, such as magazines, advertisements, catalogues and brochures.

Issuu is a leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences of magazines, books, catalogs, reports, advertisements and more.

Founded in 2007, Issuu has become a destination site with over 11 million visitors and a library of over 38 million pages published. Issuu is trusted by Penguin Group, Google, World Bank Publications, Random House, Siemens, Edelman, Guardian, The Telegraph, United Nations, and thousands of hip indie publishers and cool companies.