Dragos Stanca starts 2 new companies: Publyo & Q2M

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Dragos Stanca, the administrator of F5, the online division of Realitatea-Catavencu group, took over the web development and sales activities of F5 on two new companies. The two companies, where he is one of the shareholders, are Publyo – started in partnership with the German company 101 Worldwide, and Q2M, founded together with Global Digital Invest, investment company from Chicago, as HotNews.ro writes.

About Publyo, Stanca said that the web development company was founded in partnership with 101 Worlwide, German company with offices in USA and Armenia and that is present in Romania as a shareholder of Kondiment group. According to him, Publyo already has a series of Romanian and international clients. Gabriel Ilie, ex general project manager F5, is the manager of the company.

In what concerns Q2M, Stanca said, for Hotnews, that the new agency will act as an interactive full service agency and ad sales house. Q2M was founded together with Global Digital Invest. Stanca is involved in the management of this agency, together with Cristina Cucuiu, appointed Executive Director and that was, before, business affairs manager of F5.

In a post on his own blog, Stanca confirmed the information published by Hotnews.ro and Paginademedia.ro.

In August, among a series of rumors regarding his plans and possible departure from Realitatea-Catavencu, Stanca dismissed the rumors in numberous times, including on his own blog, and said he will continue the project (F5) till the end, meaning until it will become either a solid and profitable business (he did that before with Publimedia – now part of Mediafax Group), or a clean company, with no debts towards state, suppliers or employees.

As for future plans, he mentioned, at that time, that he intends to invest, as a person, in consultancy and online development strategy,explaining he will be involved in the execution of the projects he will offer consultancy for. He said he would do that through a company he will launch soon and that will offer also the necesary technical support for big projects.He also added he will continue on marketing and online sales.


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