Millenium Communications becomes the communication group Millenium People

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Millenium Communications changes the name it was known in the Romanian marcomm industry for 10 years. Millenium People becomes an umbrella communication group under which activate more business entities: Bortun•Olteanu, Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers, R+B Cyber Growers, Millenium Special Events Agency, The Institute and the Civil Society Gala Foundation.

Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers was founded in 2008, as a strategy and branding agency that, in 2009, expanded with R+B Cyber Growers, digital branding and online agency. A year later, Bortun Olteanu, the PR agency, separates from Millenium Communications. Once the rebranding is completed, Millenium People will also include Millenium Special Events Agency (BTL) and The Institute, the business unit of the group, that organizes the festivals AdPrint, Internetics (Millenium brands), but also Effie, ADOR and ADC*RO.

All the divisions of the old Millenium became so powerful so each had a type of notoriety, a reputation of its own (…) An important part of the marcom community knew us only as festival organizers, eventually just about AdPrint, others knew we make Internetics, other just about Civil Society Gala or more. There were people that knew us  only for PR, others just as BTL. When Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers appeared, with activities of strategy and branding, the confusion reach to the peak

Andrei Bortun

President Millenium People

The new name of the group, Millenium People, speaks about the people that form the company, them being the main engine that helped developing the group.

The Institute is the new brand built by Millenium People and represents the business entity that will handle the organization of AdPrint, Internetics, Effie, ADOR and ADC*RO.

“Millenium organizes the most important marcom industry festivals in Romania, so that the idea of developing an umbrella brand to group all of them came as a natural step. The Institute wants to help the communication industry to find the needed mechanism to grow and, in the same time, to create the context to develop the festivals under its umbrella. An initiative to get together and consolidate communities around The Institute’s festivals is Teacher’s Film Festival, a project started by ADOR that has continuity inside Internetics 2010. Similar activities started since 2009, when Ursus, one of our sponsors, choose to create a sponsorship platform for all Millenium festivals”, Irina Florea, Managing Director The Institute, said.

The Institute also intends to enter the publishing field, with Institute, The Magazine, a magazine about communication, branding, design and culture.

The shareholders of Millenium People group are Andrei Bortun – founding partner, Catalin Rusu – partner Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers and R+B Cyber Growers, Bogdan Theodor Olteanu – partner Bortun Olteanu and Marc Bortun – partner Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers and R+B Cyber Growers.

Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers team that handled the entire rebranding process included Catalin Rusu – Brand Consultant & Creative Director, Tudor Nastase – Senior Designer and Anca Uscatescu – DTP & Postproduction Manager. The group also has a new site,

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