Kinecto won the RoWebCampaigns trophy

Creativity, Digital & Media, Marketing, Media

From a total of over 160 works entered for the RoWeb Awards, the jury presided by Colin Kinsella – President Digitas North America (Publicis Group) and formed of the Romanian director Cristian Mungiu, Ştefan Liute and Marius Ursache – Grapefruit, Răzvan Mătăşel – Matasel&Arsenoaie, Ciprian Bădălan, Ionuţ Oprea – Standout and the independent digital specialist Victor Kapra, selected as the big prize winner the campaign “We want you on TV” developed by Kinecto for Tuborg.

Acording to, the campaign ran for 3 weeks, on, a platform dedicated to promotion and supporting the Romanian artists, launched by Kinecto at the start of September 2010 and that has over 140 artists as members.

On the winners list from this year there were also Ogilvy PR, Ogilvy Interactive, Ogilvy Group, Infinit Solutions, Hyperactive, iLeo and Andrei Carcea.

In Microsites section, the winner was Infinit Solutions with a project for  Medlife (client Medlife), at Display Advertising (Banners and Takeovers) the trophy went to  Ogilvy Interactive for Earth Hour (client WWF), while the best in Viral Campaigns was the campaign realized for Anim’est 2010 by Ogilvy Group.

According to a press release, the campaigns developed by Ogilvy Group won the biggest number of prizes at RoNewMedia Gala.

In Web TV Productions, the winner was Andrei Carcea with SoNoRo 2010 (client Sonoro), the Newsletter Campaigns gave the prize to Hyperactive for Red Cross (client Red Cross). Also, the jury appreciated that the best in Blog Campaigns was, realized by Ogilvy PR & Ogilvy Interactive for LG, while the best Social Media Campaigns work and the best UGC project was “Rediscover Romania” made by iLeo for Petrom.