Cable Direct and Sony Pictures Television sign a join venture contract in Romania

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Cable Direct  signed a joint venture contract with Sony Pictures Television. Cable Direct is managing, in Romania, the advertising sales for AXN, AXN Crime, AXN Sci-Fi, Animax, but also for other TV channels that belong to Viacom, Fox International and Turner.

“The investment in Cabled Direct represents the perfect opportunity to introduce a more structured approach of advertising sales for the other channels we have present in Romania”, Eddie Nelson, vice-president Sony Pictures Television Europe, said.

In this joint venture, Sony Picture Television is the main shareholder, while the rest of the shares are owned by John Florescu, that will continue his activity in the company as a non-executive director. The operational management will be handled by Bogdan Lăzărescu and Florin Vişenescu.

The investment in Cable Direct underlines the interest Sony Pictures Television has to expand its advertising sales activities in Central Europe.

Cable Direct was founded in 1999 as a company specialized in selling advertising space for thematic TV stations. The company also runs marketing activities, programs production with financing from clients, events organizing and promotional campaigns for the media it sells.

Cable Direct has, in its sales portfolio, AXN, AXN Sci-Fi, AXN Crime, Animax, VH1, National Geographic Channel, NAT GEO Wild si Cartoon Network.

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