ZiOnline.Ro – a new forum for people interested in communication in Romania

Digital & Media, Marketing, PR

ZiOnline.ro (that can be translated as Say Online) is the only forum dedicated to young communicators, advertisers and marketeers interested in online promotion.

The objective of the new site is to become a place where people interested by online communication can interact. Also, the site offers its users different studies and researches on evolution and trends in online communication, and also complex analysis on the most interesting campaigns developed online.

The idea of an online forum started from a discussions forum launched on Facebook – Comunicare şi Promovare Online (Communication and promotion online), launched in response to the need of launching a discussions space where the communication specialists and the people interested on this domain can debate the newest ways and instruments of online promotion.

The Facebook group has as a main objective to share information, so the interested people can be permanently find out novelties and have access to valuable resources.

“People that work in online communication do not have time to consult all articles and resources in the domain”, Bobby Voicu, one of the projects founders and the one that initiated the Facebook group, said.

“There are too many information and it is harder and harder to try to filter the information. For this, a Communication and Promotion Online group was needed – a place where we can share the newest resources and, eventually, to have talks on different campaigns”, he added

The idea and the implementation of the project was realized by a team including Andra Zaharia, Ileana Ghiţă and Bobby Voicu.

ZiOnline.ro will continue the initiative of the Facebook group and will continue the sharing and discussion idea, hoping to provide better information and to encourage young marcom professionals to work together.

FTW Media is a Romanian company that offers online consultancy services and that was behind projects such as Monden.info, rpmGO.com and Rediscover Romania.