Teh Kiosk is “still looking for the greatest idea”


Teh Kiosk is a creative team including Andreea Strachina and Vasilica Morosanu, both students of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, a project started by Teo Migdalovici and that is, now, in its sixth year.

Andreea and Vasilica started, a couple weeks ago, a project for the school, that focuses on a few main ideas: saying Thank You, discovering six great artist unknown to the public and “exposing” them so everybody knows them, the branding idea of the team and also references to the Alternative School.

The “Still looking for the greatest idea” project managed to find and support, in an alternative and innovative way, artists unknown until now to the Romanian public.

“Thank you for inspiring us and let yourself inspired” is the message the young creative team is sending to the people that were involved and supported their project.

Andreea Strachina won a scholarship for The Alternative School of Creative Thinking, with a totally fresh type of application to enter the school.

The Alternative School was founded by Teo Migdalovici and has as study disciplines, this year, visual craft, creative media, creative outdoor, design, marketing, creative PR, strategy and branding, but also “out of the box”, a new class that focuses on thinking outside set patterns and labels in communication, in a fusion spirit in which everything contributes to build a memorable platform for brands and public.

With the help and knowledge from The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, in the last 5 years, over 120 young Romanians were sent to specialization at international festivals such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest and Dubai Lynx.

The value of School’s program, speakers and strict selection of the students came fast, being confirmed by awards such as “Order of merit” (2008 and 2009) at Marketing Academic Challenge, ”Honourable Merit (2010) at  Young Marketers, Gold at Roger Hatchuel (2009 and 2010).