Communication Director launches an Online Communication Course

Creativity, Marketing

Communication Director magazine and the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin have launched an Online Communications Course, which will take place exclusively online, from January 13th to March 2nd.

The course will teach the interested people all about the use of social media for PR and corporate communications.

The price for the course is Euro 960 (VAT not included) and the organizers are offering an early bird discount for the people that enlist until December 17th, that will only pay Euro 790 Euro (VAT not included).

The course includes 7 modules. The 1st module is an introduction to online communication and web 2.0 tools, with  Jon Worth, Blogger &Partner at techPolitics and one of the initiators of the Atheist Bus Campaign, as lecturer. The module will also refer to tools and trends in online communication, identifying publics and opinion makers and classic pitfalls and what to avoid.

The 2nd module will cover subjects from tools to a strategy, integrating online communication and winning strategies. The 3rd module is focused on planning and running a social media campaign, with info regarding the creative strategies specificities of social media campaigns, tip how to go viral and info about blogger cooperation.

The next module is dedicated to corporate communication in a Web 2.0 Environment – B2B and B2C and will have as lecturer Philippe Borremanns, Chief Social Media Officer, Van Marcke Group. This module will cover the case for the need of social media in
corporate communication, how to organise and integrate social media into your communication activities, engaging in the dialogue or just being responsive and  B2B and B2C strategies.

Another module will have s lecturer Carsten Rossi, Managing Director, Kuhn, Kammann &Kuhn and will refer to corporate communication in a web 2.0 environment, internal communication and change processes. It will include info on how to use social media to foster engagement and motivation, will talk about the social intranet and will aim towards a Web 2.0 enterprise.

The sixth module refers to corporate communication in a Web 2.0 environment, with focus on crisis communication and will have as lecturer Jeroen Coenen, Social Media Manager Worldwide Digital Strategy, Hewlett-Pack. He will speak about how to prepare a response protocol how to react in a crisis and classic mistakes and how to avoid them.

The last module of the course refers to online reputation management. Andrew Nelson,
Director of Social Media Ipsos Mori Reputation Centre, will speak about assessing online reputation, what can be changed through communication and what cannot and ways to improve the reputation online and offline.

The course will be followed by a final discussion, with Philippe Borremanns,
Chief Social Media Officer Van Marcke Group, and Jon Worth, Blogger & Partner at techPolitics and one of the initiators of the Atheist Bus Campaign.

This course targets PR and Communication managers who work with online channel, communication professionals looking to add competences into their portfolio, public affairs managers. After completion, each participant will receive a  Quadriga University and Communication director magazine certificate.