Okazii.ro: 25% increase in numbers for Romanians that buy and sell online

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The e-commerce is one of the most profitable domains of activity during the economical crisis, considering that, before Christmas holidays, over 2,1M Romanians sold or brought at least one product via okazii.ro, their number increasing, in November, with over 400,000 or 25% compared to the same period last year.

According to site’s statistics, the most sold via okazii.ro are clothing products, followed by electronics, computers and software, mobile phones and Auto-Moto. When it comes about things they buy online, Romanians invest the most in mobile phones, than clothes, computers electronic and cosmetics.

Even if they started to be more active on the online market, Romanian are still skeptical regarding online buys. According to Okazii.ro, the buyers still have a hard time believing that the product they will receive is the one they ordered or wanted.

To cope with the skeptical attitude, Okazii.ro launched a special guarantee service, a supplemental insurance for the products brought on the site. This service offers the buyers the possibility to return the product in max 30 days, no matter the reason and even if they used the product in that period of time.

Launched in April 2000, Okazii.ro is the biggest e-commerce site in Romania.