23 Communication Ideas and Brandient rebranded Romexterra bank

Branding, Creativity, Marketing

23 Communication Ideas and Brandient realized the rebranding process after which MKB Romexterra Bank transformed into MKB Nextebank.

Following the rebranding, the bank has a new vision, a new positioning, reflecting the decided attitude and the ambitions of bank’s new management

Brandient and 23 Communication Ideas put together an extraordinary team of professionals, capable to cover of the needs of the client.

In this partnership, Brandient delivered for MKB Nextebank the corporate, banking and retail visual identity design, the internal communication and the brand engagement.

The new positioning of the bank is focused on fulfilling the needs specific to liberal professions and entrepreneur and made mandatory the creation of a visual identity able to express competitivity, dynamism and force.

Bank’s new identity is signed by Cristian “Kit” Paul and Bogdan Dumitrache, while the implementation was made by Iancu Barbarasa, Cristian Petre, Ciprian Badalan and Eugen Erhan – designers.


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