Online football training with Cristi Chivu, from Vodafone Romania and McCann


Vodafone Romania and McCann Erickson Romania came with a first on the Romanian advertising market, organizing the 1st sports training exclusively over the Internet.  The event is part of a new communication campaign for Vodafone’s mobile internet services, signed by McCann.

Through this campaign, the international football player Cristi Chivu  spent one day training 20 kids from his birth city, Resita. The training took place, of course, over the internet.

 Having directions over the internet, the kids managed to train together with Cristi Chivu, to listen to his advices and to be inspired by him.

 “For Vodafone it is very important to  inspire people to use internet at  its maximum level. Soon, the internet will be integrated into the people’s lives in such a manner that they won’t even realize they use it. Vodafone offers ways through which people can make real any idea they had, as it was the case for Wedding campaign”, said Catalin Dobre, Group Creative Director McCann Erickson.

The campaign started on December 8th and is declined on TV, online, press and outdoor until the second week of January. The spot was directed by Florin Şerban.

The teams working on the campaign were  Romina Tăzlăoanu (Associate Director, Advertising) and Luminita Bostinaru (Senior Brand Manager) from Vodafone and  Catalin Dobre (Group Creative Director), Ionut Cojocaru (Art Director), Razvan Chifu (Art Director), Dana Hogea (Group Account Director), Doina Ionescu (Account Director), Andreea Harjanu (Senior Account Executive), Tiberiu Munteanu (Head of AV Production) and Alexandru Platon (AV Production) from McCann Erickson Romania.

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