Preaching austerity to the crowds, Romanian PM buys an iPad

Comm & Politics

Romanian PM, Emil Boc, is the austerity preacher since the economical crisis started in Romania. Along the crisis way, he was the advocate of salary cuts, layoffs, increasing of taxes and so on and so forth.

Of course, technology is needed for anyone nowadays, but you cannot stay still and not react when the PM buys an useful device that most of Romanians crave for and states bluntly that he brought one iPad same as any Romanian.

Of course, he said the device is more easy to use and allows him to keep in touch with his cabinet and so on and so forth.

the medium salary in Romania is somewhere at RON 1.500, while an iPad is sold for prices between RON 2.500 and RON 3.500, a tiny little detail that excludes the possibility that any average Romanian will afford one.

But anyways, the Romanian elected politicians didn’t yet discover the image consultants and advisers. If  they would have, they will maybe refrain in making controversed statement and be more attentive to what they say.

And this reminds me of an example Aneta Bogdan gave in her book about branding. The example was of the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, that wished for a Burberry purse but she didn’t buy it because the price was too high. She had the money, but she also knew (or was advised) that buying the expensive accessory will not fit to the political way she was preaching. But, of course, that was happening in UK 🙂