Food, weather, gifts and entertainment – top searched by Romanians

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Before Christmas and New Year’s, Romanians are looking for the best options for the food they will eat on Christmas holidays, the gift they intend to offer, weather info and ways of entertainment at the end of the year, according to the searches made on’s monitored sites.

Along with those searched info, most of Romanians also searched famous quotations, pictures with Santa Clause, carols and poems.

On feminine sites, women searched for astral predictions, Christmas wishes, TV programs or tarot readings. They also were interested by the meaning of their own name, the best positions to make love and trends in nail or wedding rings models.

Also, women were interested by holiday wishes, love tests and nice clothes, including evening gowns or wedding dresses.

The plates with the biggest changes to reach Romanian’s Christmas tables are cookies, cake, special cake, donuts, home made chocolate, biscuits specialities, Romanian pork specialties, sour cabbage, potatoes, sausages, as searches on Lifestyle sites show.

Movies seem like the perfect way to spend the free time on holidays, as shown by searches made on arta and culture sites monitored by The free and online movies – „good movies”, „erotic” and „horror”, Indian movies, comedies or love stories – are the most searched of all, although people do not ignore the TV programs either.

At the end of the year, on love/relations websites, the biggest interest was pointed towards sentiments, possibilities to improve love life and pleasure. Of course, some of the searches were directed towards porn, online chat and sex movies.

Games remained in searches top for search sites and portals, while the people interested in Science/Technology were interested in gadgets, mainly phones: Nokia, Samsung, iPhone and Blackberry.

When it is about entertainment, online games were followed by free online movies and love predictions from searches point of view

On Business/Commerce sites, traveling by train attracted the biggest number of searches, seconded by supermarkets, classifieds, insurances and foreign exchange. The visitors of these sites were also interested by original perfumes, clothes, Christmas wishes, kitchen ware or relations.

Lottery, bingo games and sport bets attracted people’s attention, while the public interested in computers and internet looked for new subtitles, video tutorials, downloading program, games or gadgets.

Christmas presents, specially the personalized ones, lingerie and mobile phones were searched the most on the e-commerce sites.

When it was about terms searched on tourism and traveling sites, weather topped the searches, as info about it is needed to plan holidays. Along with it, Romanians were also interested by railway’s program, New Year’s Eve offers or maps of Europe, Italy and Spain, online maps of Romanian towns, holiday offers and accommodation opportunities. is the 1st online monitoring service launched 10 years ago on the Romanian market and is specialized in real time monitoring of websites. monitors around 40,000 Romanian websites.