Promotions, preferred for Winter Holidays shopping

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93% from the online respondents of a survey that took place in Romania said that they make Christmas presents, most of them buying gifts also for themselves (82%), while 79% also buy things for their home.

The study was made by GfK Romania, in November, via the platform The main subject of the study was holidays shopping.

When it comes about products brought, 84% are choosing sweets, three quarters buy clothes and accessories, but also cosmetic products or services (67%). Games and toys are the option of more than half of the surveyed ones, while 27% want watches and jewelries. Almost 2/3 of Romanians are also buying electronics, IT, telecom and accessories.

When people are buying things for themselves, they aim for clothes and shoes, cleaning products, cookies and decorations for the house and sweets and cosmetics for friends. Cosmetics, clothes and shoes are also one of the presents the life partners are receiving.

Most of the Christmas shoppers aren’t spending more than RON 200 (Euro 45-50) for presents.

The people in Bucharest are different from the rest of the Romanians, as they offer as presents books, MP3/MP4 or I-Pod players.

Men prefer to buy mobiles (36%) and digital LCD TVs, plasma screens or LEDs (24%), over half of women opting for house products (54%) or cosmetics (75%).

The online study Ask GfK studied a representative sample of 543 people, internet users aged 15 to 55 y.o.