Romanian online advertising, growing in 2010

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Romanian online advertising market had a good year in 2010, although the other media in Romania didn’t manage to pull big enough budgets out of advertisers’ pockets.

Cheaper than print or TV advertising and with more impact than radio ads, internet had a good year. This growing evolution of the internet advertising was predicted from the beginning of the year, Romanian specialists saying, back than, that the online market might register a 30% growth by the end of the year, to reach a value of Euro 20 M.

Although they predicted a nice growth for the entire year, the specialists warned that the situation in the 1st half might not be all milk and honey.

Media Fact Book (MFB) 2010, realized by Initiative and that estimates Romanian market’s evolution, also predicted the increasing of budgets attracted by internet, from Euro 13M in 2009 to Euro 14M in 2010, on a market with a total value of Euro 308M, down from Euro 339M in 2009.

According to MFB, the internet is the only medium to grow, as it is used by more and more people, on every day basis. The study also mentions that social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter had impressive growth rates.

The fact that these networks are people’s favorites influenced the advertisers, more and more Romanian companies having now at least a Facebook page, maybe also a Twitter account. Also, most of the advertisers present on Facebook made at least one contest to promote themselve this year or used the Facebook advertising platform.

Recently, IAB Romania and PwC Romania released the results of ROADS study for the 1st half of the year. According to the study, in the 1st six months of 2010 the increase of the online advertsing volume increased by 65% compared to the same period in 2009, to RON 42.05M (around Euro 10M), the biggest growth registered for half of year since 2007.

This way, if we take in consideration specialists’ estimations regarding a weak 1st half year for advertising market, it means that the total annual volume can reach Euro 20M, even if the evolution stays linear.

2010 on online advertising market brought a decrease of prices, that allowed even small companies to use this medium to promote themselves.

As estimated in the start of the year, most used in online action were search engine advertising, e-mail marketing, integrated online campaigns, relationship marketing, CPC, Cost per Lead, targeted content. Of course, advertisers still use display advertising, but in more creative an customizable forms.