Facebook, Romania, end of the year

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Because this year cannot end without some statistics regarding the evolution of Romanians and their actions on Facebook, Socialbakers.com is nice enough to offer them.

In the 2nd part of year, the most popular media in Romania were, on Facebook, Discovery Romania, Radio 21, eJobs, Magic FM, MTV Romania, HBO Romania, HotNews.ro, National Geographic, FHM Romania and “Romania, te iubesc!”.

When it’s about the brands in Romania preferred by Romanians, the second half of 2010 saw on the 1st place Kinder Surprise Romania, followed by Vichy, Nokia, Orange, Garnier, Actimel, L’Oreal Paris, Nikonisti, Greenpeace Romania and Tilllate Romania.

In this moment, there are 2.1M Romanians on Facebook, representing 9.7% of the total population and 27.36% of the online Romanian population. Most Romanians on Facebook are 25-34 y.o (40%), followed by age groups such as 18-24y.o. (37%) and 35-44 (11%).

As SocialBakers.com notices, women continue to be dominant on Facebook (51%), while men are slacking behind (39%).

Romanian advertisers promoting on Facebook pay an average CPC of $0.25 and a CPm of $0.10.

In the last 6 months, Romania was in top 50 countries with the biggest growth on Facebook, in a classament led by United States, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Turkey and France.