Guinness World Records in video games

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Guinness World Records announced the latest and greatest achievements in the world of video games in the new Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition, that has been just released.

Facts and data in 2011 Gamer’s Edition:

  • Oldest gamer – John Bates (85 y.o.) from Onalaska (Wisconsin – USA)
  • Youngest gamer – Ryota Wada (9 y.o.) from Tokyo (Japan)
  • Mitsugu Kikai (25, Tokyo, Japan) has the Largest Collection of Super Mario Memorabilia (5,400 individual items).
  • Female gaming sensation –  Annie Leung (26, San Francisco, California, USA),  the Highest Score on Guitar Hero 3 for a Female (789,349 points).
  • Croydon’s Ryan Hart – Most Consecutive Victories Against Human Opponents on Street Fighter IV (169);
  • Primary school teacher Chris McGivern(West Sussex) – record for the Longest Marathon Playing a Dance Game – 13 hours 33 minutes 56 seconds
  • Acting legend Christopher Lee –  the Oldest Voice Actor in a Videogame at 87 years old when he featured in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days last year.

Other wacky new records from Gamer’s Edition 2011 include

  • Most Swearing in a Videogame – developers of  2005 PS2 game Scarface, that earned 18+-rating with over 5,000 expletives
  • Most People to Sing to a Karaoke Video Game – 10,490 crowd at Los Premios 40 Principales, Madrid (Spain)
  • Most Popular Facebook Game – FarmVille, with 60 million monthly active users.
  • Best Videogame Character of All Time – Mario, followed by Link (Legend of Zelda) and Master Chief from Halo: Combat Evolved