Online love and flirting, usual stuff, Microsoft says

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A Microsoft MSN study showed users use often their e-mail to send love message, to flirt or even to propose. The study was made by Microsoft and Hotmail and covered 14 European countries and Israel.

According to the study, people are expressing their feelings and are flirting via e-mail, around 48% of them writing to their partners messages to keep their relationship fresh. Moreover, a fifth of the respondents (19%) said I love you for the 1st time using the e-mail, while 9% proposed via email

Users also use differently the email to express their love: 18% sent romantic or indecent images via email and a fifth fantasized with their partner. More than that, 47% sent and received romantic / indecent messages from people that weren’t their partners, while 16% surprised their pair sending hot messages to other people.

In Romania, 16% of the people that participated to the study were surprised while they were sending intimate / indecent emails from work. The number is double compared to the one registered in the other countries that participated to this study.

Also, 59% of Romanians are keeping the romantic emails from their loved ones, while almost half (49%) sent through email info they wouldn’t say directly, such as lies or delicate matters.

Besides keeping the emails, a fifth of the Romanians also admitted they ended relationships by sending an email, while 7% proposed using this medium. Almost all Romanians (84%) found their pair sending indecent messages or images to other people, while 39% never flirted with a work colleague.

Over a third of Romanians own an alternative e-mail address to flirt with strangers they’ve met over the internet and 19% still have emails from former lovers.