Gemius: 300×250, most popular ad format in Romania

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Filip Pieczynski, Vice President Gemius SA, spoke, at Digital Marketing Forum in Bucharest, about Benchmark report, an instrument his company is launching in Romania.

According to him, Romania is the 5th country where Gemius is launching the Benchmark report, that includes different information, from most used ad formats to CTR rates and more complex data, based on companies demand.

During his presentation, Pieczynski ranked the most used ad formats in Romania, based on data collected by Gemius ad servers, that run 55% of Romanian ad campaigns.

This way, in Romania, the most popular online display format is 300×250, used in 66.5% of the campaigns, followed by the leader-board format (728×90) – 63.1%, Skyscraper (160×600) – 28.8%, double leader-board (728×100)- 1.1% and banner (48×60) – 1.1%.

Rectangle is also the most popular format in Slovakia and Czech Republic, while Poles use more a double billboard (leader-board) format. Also, in Hungary, leader-board is the main format used in ad campaigns.

CTR for online display is 0.18% in Romania, according to Pieczynski’s presentation. From the total CTR, leader-boards gets 0.23%, rectangle – 0.13% and skyscraper – 0.12%. As a general trend, CTR is going down.

According to the presentation, in 2010, trade companies (15.61%) ran the most online campaigns in Romania, followed by financial sector (14.28%) and media (11.16%). Next were the companies from the following sectors: telecom (11.01%), auto (10.38%), leisure (5.38%), food (4.37%), travel and tourism (3.9%) and other sectors (24%).

When it comes about the share of ad impressions, finance sector was on the 1st place (25.26%), followed by trade (16.18%) and media (13.43%). On the other hand, the most targeted campaigns were ran by companies from telecom sector, cloth & accessories, real estate, food and automotive.