Romanian Seed Consultants sign Intact Media Academy brand

Branding, Creativity, Marketing, Media

The Romanian brand and design consultancy Seed Consultants, Landor’s partner in Romania, realized the visual identity and the graphical apps for the new Intact Media Academy brand, a media school launched by Intact Media Group.

The visual identity is based on the entertainment concept, glamor, youth’s desire of becoming a star, but it also keeps a tie with the main brand, by using its colors.

The stages of the branding project consisted on market analysis, developing the brand platform, drawing the visual identity, of the graphic apps and realizing the brand manual.

The project’s team from Seeds Consultants included

  • Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director & Strategy
  • Roxana Iancu – Senior Brand Consultant
  • Raluca Beldiman (Pinky) – Senior Brand Designer
  • Catalina Vulpe – Project Executive

From Intact Media Academy, in this project was involed Alessandra Stoicescu – Project Initiator.