The Alternative School – resources provider and think tank for Romanian market

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The Alternative School for Creative Thinking evolved from an applied study project into a think tank entity for the entire Romanian marcom industry, the new positioning involving also a rethink of the proportion between the fictional and real briefs given to the students.

Clients and agencies are invited to consider The School a work partner, a testing and exploring space for new concepts and a territory for inspired executions. The budgets resulted from financing the ideas that are coming from School will be used to support the participation of the best students at Cannes Lions.

The way The School evolved – from a study project to one where the practice involved less simulations and more real challenges  – is a needed step for everyone. Clients and agencies will benefit of complementary teams, with a fresh and non-routine approach.

This formula is also a “seduction” element for sponsor that, before, were offered only media exposure in exchange for financing the study trips abroad, organized for the best students.

With The School adopting a new positioning, the sponsor will have the possibility to recruit the best students and to benefit of interesting creative solution for their briefs.

Before officially launching the repositioning of the school into an idea pool for the industry, we tested the project for almost 2 years. Each time, the briefs given by clients were answered with interesting solutions and, in many cases, our students’ ideas were applied in campaigns.

School’s status, the one of “ideas and solutions provider” for the industry players, is an attractive challenge for its young participants and an useful instrument  in our efforts to obtain financing to be present at Cannes Lions and Eurobest

Teo Migdalovici, Founder The Alternative School

In the last 6 years, over 140 young people benefited, through The Alternative School, of study experience offered at Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx and Eurobest. Each generation of students found its place in the Romanian marcom industry and, over the time, delivered extraordinary results, including international awards.