IAA Romania awarded Excellence Awards for 2010

Creativity, Marketing

IAA Romania’s board awarded 12 Excellence Awards, an Award from IAA Senate and 3 special awards, during a gala organized on Thursday night. IAA’s awards aim to recognize publicly people that, through their initiatives and facts, decisively contributed  to increasing the ethical and professional standards of Romanian marcomm industry in 2010.

IAA’s Excellence Awards hosts were Diana Flutur (Managing Partner Odyssey) and Lucian Georgescu (Managing Partner GAV).

The awards went to:

  1. Stefan Teodorescu (Ursus) – for his dedication in efficiency, proven through the 5 Effies won”
  2. Ionut Oprea and IAB Romania‘s team – for ROADS project, that aims to offer a transparent image of Romania’s online market and IAB’s digital educational initiatives orientated towards marcomm industry
  3. Andrei BortunMillenium People –  because, through the festival he and his company are organizing for over 10 years (AdPrint, Internetics and Civil Society Gala) are contributing significantly to increasing Romanian advertising’s standards.
  4. Eliza Rogalski (Tempo Creative Group) and Daniel Pană (BCR) – awarded for BCR – Money School, the biggest and most innovative national program dedicated to public’s education in financial and banking matters.
  5. Paula Herlo and “Romania. Te iubesc” team (Pro TV) – for their professionalism and dedication they teach people how to see beautiful things close to us
  6. Catalin Dobre and Dinu Panescu from McCann Erickson – for the excellence in developing ROM campaign and their extraordinary contribution in building Vodafone brand.
  7. Cristian Lupşa from “Decât o revistă” – for the courage and the passion he launched and continued “Decât o Revistă” magazine project
  8. Cristian Manafu – Evensys – for his vision and professionalism in communication developing on digital
  9. Catalin Stefanescu – “Guaranteed 100%” (Romanian State TV – for the dedication with which he manages to communicate and bring in the spot light the excellence through his program
  10. Ariana Badin – UPC – for the unique efforts to support and recover national culture through realizing a digital version of Romanian’s Academy archives.
  11. Petrişor Obae from Paginademedia.ro – for professionalim and dedication in developing the project Paginademedia.ro
  12. Sorin Raia from Union Advertising – for his perseverance in innovating modern forms of advertising
  13. ADC School was awarded the Big Prize. This prize went to the 12 Creative directors of the project  (Adrian Botan, Adrian Preda, Andrei Tripsa, Costin Popescu, Dorian Pascuci, Liviu David, Octav Gheorghe, Razvan Capanescu, Serban Alexandrescu, Sorin Tranca, Stefan Vasilache and Valentin Suciu) for the dedication and professionalism in building the most important educational program targeting the new generation of creatives

IAA Senate’s award went to Radu Ghetea for his performances in the banking sector, as manager of CEC Bank and as president of Romanian Banks’ Association and for its significant contribution in building one of the most powerful Romanian brands, CEC Bank.

IAA’s Board’s special prizes went to

  • Crina Coco Popescu for ambition and courage and image benefits obtained by Romaia through her
  • Florian Ciobanu for his patience and passion to collect and give back the history of Romanian press and advertising
  • Raed Arafat – for his extraordinary communicator skills and for a career serving life and people

IAA Excellence Awards were this year at their 4th edition and represent a symbolic recognition for the ones that, through their vision and talent, created new excellence standards in Romanian communication industry

IAA Romania includes over 170 companies, advertisers and advertising agencies.