New packaging for Laura chocolate, from Romanian BrandTailors

Branding, Creativity

Romanian brand design and strategy agency BrandTailors realized the refresh of the visual identity and design for Laura Chocolate.

BrandTailors’ consultants and designers refreshed the visual identity and design for the chocolate in order to consolidate the brand and to launch it on a new market segment

Laura is a chocolate brand owned by former Cadbury, that transformed last year into Kandia Dulce, and needed this change after introducing a new modern packaging technology (flow-pack) and after introducing new products in portfolio.

After research, the graphical solution to refresh the brand targeted the logotype, that was adjusted, and involved the packaging design reconfiguration in order to modernize the brand and associate it with orange color, representative for its category.

The new packaging design aimed to bring forward Laura’s logotype, confirmed and reconfirmed in time as distinctive symbol of the brand. The graphic is compact, the forms are fluid and the representation of the product is photo-realist. All those elements are focusing brand’s contemporary visual expression

Janos Kurko
Creative Director BrandTailors

BrandTailor’s team that worked on the project included Andreea Florea and Janos Kurko – brand audit, Janos Kurko – concept and graphic development, Cristina Ionescu – project management, Mihai Parpalea – image retouche and pre-press.

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