FAN Courier sends you “Anywhere on Earth, with pleasure!”

Creativity, Marketing

FAN Courier, Romanian market leader in courier services, launches a new campaign to communicate the innovative services of the company.

The campaign will run on TV, radio and internet, and company’s website will run the promotion  FAN Courier sends you “Anywhere on Earth, with pleasure”.

The contest is opened for both the clients that closed a contract with FAN Courier but also for occasional clients that used at least once SelfAWB to make their transportation docs from April 4th to May 31st.

During the campaign, there will be awarded a trip anywhere on Earth, with a max value of euro 5,000, and an iPad every 2 weeks.

In 2011, we will talk about what everyone expects. Fan Courier clients’ expectations and our expectations, as a company. Because there are 13 years since Fan Courier delivers “Anywhere, with pleasure” different envelops and packages, this is the moment to tell the fact that they have inside important things for both senders and receivers

Adrian Mihai

Business Development Manager FAN Courier

Fan Courier was founded in 1998 and is 100% Romanian. Its shareholders are Felix Patrăşcanu, along with Adrian and Neculai Mihai.