French collective Wizz joins Blacklist


New York-based animation production company Blacklist announced that  French directorial and design collective Wizz joined its roster for US representation.

Also, Blacklist announced that Wizz already completed their first project together, “Big Dig” for Yahoo! Mail via Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

[vimeo 22240106 nolink]

Paris-based Wizz produces all types of visual communication work across many platforms including advertising, short and feature films, TV idents, mobile applications and digital campaigns. Their goal is creative collaboration with a wide array of talents including videographers, animators, designers, composers, photographers, illustrators and graphic artists – regardless of the techniques and machinations of their craft.

Mixing mediums allows Wizz to provide unique graphic production solutions and to work in an environment adaptive and rich with creativity.

“Wizz has fresh voices and compelling work grounded in solid artistic and storytelling traditions”, says Adina Sales, Managing Director/ Executive Producer Blacklist. “It’s visually exciting work and we feel they are a perfect compliment to the rest of our line up. Wizz also adds a lot of depth to our roster by doubling the number of directors we offer, while housing those teams at a sophisticated and well run studio.”, she added.

“From the first meeting with Wizz’s Amanda Stubbs and François Brun, we believed that this would be a successful partnership— and that has indeed turned out to be the case, as we’ve been working with them virtually non stop since first signing them. In addition to the initial Yahoo Mail! work, Goodby has come back to us for a second round, this time a package of four spots, that will break in early May. We’ve also recently completed a cinema project wtih Wizz that will break very soon for Orville Redenbacher out of Venebles Bell, San Francisco; and are currently in production with them on a global Energizer campaign via TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles.”, said Andrew Linsk, Executive Producer Blacklist.

Founded in 1999, Wizz was initially a post production and visual effects branch for their their sister company Quad Productions. Nowadays, Wizz consists of more than 30 full-time employees including two teams of production and post-production directors, and seven graphic artists, Flame artists and developers.