Mediafax Group, content provider for Romtelecom’s news and entertainment portal

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Mediafax Group is, starting May 26th, the provider of integrated content for the news and entertainment portal belonging to Romtelecom.

This portal, available at, includes the latest news about economical and politic actuality, auto, star news and sport news.

The media content is added to the search option available on the portal since last autumn and transforms in a real news and entertainment portal. Moreover, the sections “Horoscope” and “Weather” can be customized in terms of sign and the main towns in Romania.

With over 1,500 journalistic materials made daily, Mediafax Group is the most important news provider in Romanian media industry. We are honored of Romtelecom’s choice and we hope to offer to the users, together and on daily basis, the info they need

Orlando Nicoara

General Manager Mediafax Group

Romtelecom is advancing online with this portal, after the online store and the video portal launched in the last couple months attracted client’s attention more than expected. For, until now, the «play» button was pressed more than 3.4M times and, for, Romtelecom’s online mall, there are registered daily over 5,400 visits

Ovidiu Ghiman

Strategy and Commercial

Executive Director Romtelecom

At the same address, users will find soon also info from and In the following months, the news sections will be customizable based on user’s news preferences.

Mediafax Group is the company that provides, through different platforms, the most diverse media content on Romanian market, targeting both companies and end users.

Publisher with a portfolio that includes the biggest number of leader brands on Romanian market, Mediafax Group offers general content and specialized information and has a public consisting in millions of consumers of written and online press.