Romanian Brandstalk (the group) made a new campaign for Bosch

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Romanian Brandstalk (the group) made a new campaign for Bosch Electrocasnice, for the launch on Romanian market of a new series of fridge appliances.

To support the launch, Brandstalk developed the creative concept “MBA in ecology”, starting from the need of approaching targeted consumers in the most relevant manner for them, referring to things that are part of their universe

Bosch target was represented by people with medium and superior studies, that react to exact data, precise information and that are interested in trainings, specialization, professional trainings, especially MBA-s. Matching this profile, we target them directly and interactively, simulating an MBA test in ecology, after which we could better understand the benefits of Bosch’s Green Technology inside range and what it brings more

Roxana Memetea

Managing Partner Brandstalk Advertising.

The campaign was a tactical one, declined on the idea of specialized training: between May 9th and July 7th, Ziarului Financiar’s readers are invited to be part of MBA in ecology realized by Brandstalk and BSH Electrocasnice, through a teasing-revealing mechanism.

The media for this campaign was developed and implemented by Media Investment.