TreeWorks launched Social Media Insights

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TreeWorks launched a new integrated module for ZeList Monitor.

After only 2 months since launching the new version of the social media brand reputation monitoring platform in Romania, Zelist Monitor comes up with a new useful tool for the communication specialists professional activity

Social Media Insights module offers different info of general interest, but also of specific interest, about Romanian  social media so that any Zelist Monitor would know what matters in social media, who are the opinion vectors, which are the main subjects of the day and where to place efficiently the online campaigns for his company or its clients.

To do so, ZeList Monitor follow and monitors continuously all the communication channels in this medium, be them blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums or online press. After getting through a huge volume of data, Social Media Insights offers results that will ease the research activity needed to ant online campaign launch.

Data offered by Social Media Insigts are collected continuously following monitoring over 63,000 blogs, over 50,000 Twitter accounts, over 1,200 online media sources and of over 15,000 Facebook pages.

ZeList Monitor , developed by TreeWorks, represents the most complex social media monitoring instrument in Romania, following over 63,000 blogs, over 50,000 Twitter accounts and over 1,200 online media sources, over 2,000 Facebook public groups, over 15,000 public Facebook pages and the most important forums on Romanian online.