Pro TV, in the most fascinating Romanian brands top

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Pro TV is on the 3rd place of the most fascinating brands in Romania, according to a  Unlock Market Research study launched, on Wednesday, by Biz Magazine.

The 1st place in the top was occupied by Ferrari, while on the 2nd was Discovery.

“Pro TV is fascinating for Romanians, because it manages to shine through every product it launches”, according to brand’s presentation.

The top 10 includes also Facebook, Porsche, Heineken, Stella Artois, Swatch, Murfatlar, and Harley Davidson.

Romanian brands that are also present in the top are Joe, Gerovital, Rom, Adevarul,  Napolact, Dorna and Borsec.

The Unlock study shows that fascination is not only power, but also shining. The fascination expresses a brands’ capacity to build itself through trust, creativity, passion, innovation and being provocative.

Fascinating brands are reinventing, they are restless and permanently evolve. Powerful and fascinating brands are the ones “that continue to be hungry even if their fridge is full”,  Adina Vlad said.

According to Unlock Market Research study, a fascinating brand is creative, full of life, original, surprising, innovative and provocative. Fascinating brands wrote a personal history or are writing it just now.