Top Romanian politicians on Facebook

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Romanian politicians and political parties are present on Facebook, trying to reach and persuade their audience using this channel, as data published by Facebrands shows.

When dealing with the Politics category, Facebrands gathers data from 78 pages registered, having more than 100k fans enlisted.

Top 20 includes 14 politicians, 1 magazine, 3 different political parties and 1 ministry.

When it is comes to political parties, the most popular one in Romania on Facebook is The Green Movement (Miscarea Verzilor), with 13.125 fans, followed by The Green Party (different from the first), with 8.060 fans and National Liberal Party (3.514 fans).

Surprisingly enough, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from Romania, holds the 15th positions, with 2.072 fans.

Remus Cernea, the president of The Green Movement is leading the top 3 Romanian politicians on Facebook, with a bit more than 30.000 fans, followed by Crin Antonescu, president of National Liberal Party, with 19.210 fans and Elena Udrea, the Minister of Tourism and Regional Development, with 17.922 fans.

Other interesting figures show that Sorin Oprescu, the Mayor of Bucharest, gathers a number of 5.731 fans and Victor Ponta, president of Social Democratic Party, one of the biggest political parties in Romania, only has a half of it (2.887 fans).

The top does not include any significant presence from the government coalition. Democrat-Liberal Party is represented by only 2 politicians, Elena Udrea and Iulian Urban, as for National Union for the Advancement of Romania (UNPR) and Democratic Union of Magyars in Romania (UDMR) they are basically not present at all on Facebook.

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