Berlin Chemie became Proximity’s client in Romania

Creativity, Digital & Media, Marketing

Romanian direct & relationship marketing Proximity, part of BBDO Group Romania, expands its portfolio with a new client, offering integrated communication solutions to pharma producer Berlin Chemie.

As a direct communication agency, 1st in Romania, we trained ourselves to speak on any consumer’s language, and as a prove for our performances stand our prizes for efficiency or creative we earned. The experience we have makes us comply easily to the demands of a demanding and competitive market such pharma one is

Oan Niculescu

Client Service Director Proximity.

Proximity is “An experienced team, with a creative way of expressing itself, with a much higher level than what we see normally on this market. We’re expecting to do awesome things together”

Adina Iordache

Marketing Manager  Berlin Chemie

The 1st project ran together by Proximity and Berlin Chemie consists in cmmunicating Espumisan Easy brand.