Orange and Publicis launched the 1st 3D Orange spot in Romania

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Orange and Publicis launched the 1st 3D Orange spot in Romania, on Friday, 15th july. The spot ran in cinemas and promotes Orange Young program.

The spot continues the “Unlimit yourself” platform, launched last year, and offers young people with ages from 14 to 26 an unlimited number of SMSes in the network, along with unlimited access on Facebook, Yahoo and Yahoo Messenger

The project wasn’t meant to be 3D from the start, so the filming was made normally, not with 2 separate cameras, as tridimensional technology asks. Once we saw the 1st edit, we realized that, adding to the movie a new dimension, there is potential for a plus of spectacular. This meant a pretty difficult post-production process, for each frame of the spot, to realize both plans needed for a 3D visualization

Silviu Nedelschi

Group Creative Director Publicis.

Spots production was insured by Abis Studio / Mitra Film, while post production was made by a team coordinated by Adriana Ionica. Ad’s director was Roni Kleiner.

Publicis team working on the project included Daniel Raicea (Deputy Director | Head of Orange Division), Oana Radu (Account Manager), Silviu Nedelschi (Group Creative Director), Vali Petridean (Group Creative Director), Catalin Manciuc (Copywriter), Catalina Raileanu (Art Director), Camelia Efrimov (A/V Production Manager).