Lürzer’s Archive Facebook App, signed by Mind Treat Studios

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Mind Treat Studios, creative start-up specialized in creating customized apps, realized the 1st Facebook app for Lürzer’s Archive.

The app was launched by Lürzer’s Archive at the end of August and got over 15,000 users. It offers Facebook users the possibility to acces, in digital format, the most recent edition of Lürzer’s Archive, no. 4 / 2011. Starting from company’s slogan – “The most stolen magazine in the world” -, the app allows fans to “borrow” the magazine from their Facebook friends.

Although it placed us a bit out of our comfort zone, we liked a lot to develop the application and to make its social design. Lürzer’s Archive is our most important partner for which we will continue to develop different products. Shortly, we will also launch an iPhone app for the magazine

Andrei Stanescu,

co-founder Mind Treat Studios.

The app can be downloaded here .

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