Philip Kotler comes back to Romania for a first accredited training for communication specialists, in June 2012


Philip Kotler comes back to Romania for a first accredited training for communication specialists, on June 5th 2012, during an event organized in partnership by Confident Public Relations and V+O Communication.

The main subjects Kotler will discuss with Romanian specialists during the event in Bucharest are the importance of marketing in the post-recession period and ways of meeting consum need for G generation (dependent on technology).

In a message sent to Romanian public and media, Philip Kotler said he expects to return to Bucharest after his last one day seminary that took place in May 2005. He said that many things happened in between and that the questions (Can Romanian businesses protect their market from the invasion coming from foreign global brands and companies? and Can Romanian companies develop strong brands globally or regionally?) he centered the seminar back than can be looked upon now in a new light.

So many thing happened since 2005 until now that those questions can be looked upon now in a new light and demand new answers. The financial crisis makes direly needed new marketing strategies to sell products to consumers and companies that have now less revenues and a lower disposition to spend. The traditional communication instruments lost their efficiency and Romanian companies must learn to manage the new digital and social media instruments. The power and market development moved in Asia and in some BRIC countries and the Romanian companies must offer products that would sell in highly developing areas.

I promise I will share the newest marketing ideas with the guests that will be present at my seminar in Bucharest in the start of June 2012

Philip Kotler
S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing
Kellogg School of Management/Northwestern University

According to Fahim Kibria, CEO Kotler Impact, the seminar is an event that will change the way marketing will be approached in the future: “This is an unique opportunity to gain profound knowledge of the latest marketing strategies from an international and undisputed figure in this field”.

Kotler developed multiple marketing concepts, such as demarketing, megamarketing, turbomarketing and synchromarketing. In his opinion, marketing must see beyond the price and to incorporate innovation’s dynamics, the distribution and promotion of systems in order to analyze, explain and predict the economic impact.

For us is a privilege to bring, in Romania, professor Philip Kotler, also known as “The Father of Marketing”, for this training accredited by the American Marketing Association. Moreover, professor Kotler comes in a moment when the post-recession economic environment reconfigured and the products and services must readjust to the new demands of the market. People changed their consumption habits in a moment when not only the economical situation, but the technological context created new and different options compared to previous years

Mara Gojgar

Managing Partner Confident Public Relations

Professor Kotler’s seminar will be, for sure, the event of 2012 year for Romanian marketing specialists. We are honored to be part of the team that handles the organization of this event, that will for sure have an impact on the way our specialists are seeing the consumer and the marketing, facilitating also in Romania the transition towards marketing 3.0

Loredana Visa,

General Manager V+O Communication

Kotler’s new marketing model (Marketing 3.0), that will be also explained during Bucharest’s seminar, treats clients not as simple buyers, but as complex multidimensional human beings that choose companies and products that satisfy their deep needs of participation, creativity, community and following ideals.

During the event on June 5th 2010, there will be organized 2 events: “Marketing through values” for the accredited session in the 1st part of the day and şi “Increasing value for shareholders”, a session aimed to top management that will take place in the same day.

Specialist interested to participate to the event can apply starting October 1st 2011, through the website

Media partner of the event is Mediafax Group, through Ziarul Financiar (economic daily), Business Magazin (business magazine) and Mediafax (news agency), while the partner of the event is Athénée Palace Hilton.