Romanian press advertising – H1 2011

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In the first semester of 2011, print advertising investments surpassed Euro 97M, an amount estimated on rate cards for Romanian publications included in MIP Written Press study (Montoring Investments in Advertising – n.r.) by BRAT. Those money represent standard advertising, barters and advertorials, and does not include self-promos or cross-promo for different media products.

The domains that invested the most in press advertising in the 1st half of the year were:

 From advertising clients point of view, top 10 advertising investing companies are:

The 10 first brands for which there were the biggest advertising investments in print are:

BRAT launched MIP Written Press in January 2011, with a methodology and standards established by the advertising industry reunited within the association. For H1 2011, BRAT monitored 212 publications, representatives for Romanian written press.