Cannes Rehab starts on October 6th, with focus on meditation and active imagination

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Cannes Rehab starts on October 6th, as a creative camp for people that cherish the intelligent approach of the creative act. The event will take place in spaces offered by Romanian advertising agencies and will last a week.

Cannes Rehab focuses on post-Cannes Lions 2011 study experiences, but also on personal development programs and creativity development beyond advertising gesture.

The morning meetings, focused on meditation and active imagination, will be harmonized by the psychotherapist  Cristian Constantinescu.

The session of Rehab will take place at GMP’s new headquarters, the place where there will be also creative cooking sessions.

The analyze of Cannes awards – on different sections – is also planned for mornings and will be hosted by Teo Migdalovici, Cannes Lions values ambassadress in Romania.

We chose to evade the limited creativity perimeter of advertising communication and to approach other territories I am sure that the creative cooking, meditation and active imagination areas will be a source of inspiration for all people in Cannes Rehab. We are living complicated times in which, from time to time, we need a constructive escape in other worlds, in other ways of thinking and other spaces than the ones in our comfort zone. Only this way we can come back recharged to our daily lives, ready to make memorable things. That’s what we hope Cannes Rehab will do for the industry

Teo Migdalovici

Initiator of Cannes Rehab

Cannes Rehab’s partners in 2011 are McCann, GMP PR, Leo Burnett, Publicis, Brands Talk, GMP, Ogilvy  and The Practice.

Cannes Rehab is an event about creativity’s culture and cultivation, inspired by the most respected, admired and loved international creativity festival Cannes Lions.

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