Free Communication – 10 years and a manifesto


Free Communication, Romanian PR agency, was founded in September 2011, around the time the unfortunate events from US happened.

At the start “we knew you need to go beyond your own limits in order to be able to build something, anything. And that you must believe. And like. And not let yourself intimidated by the world around you, that will always be happy to mess your plans. We understood back than that you must go forward being conscientious that all you have is the joy of the present as it is, with its plans, business plans and challenges, because, in the next moment, something can hit you and your life changes”, explains the founder of the agency, Alexandra Dinita, General Manager Free Communication.

At anniversary moment, the agency released a manifesto in which tells another kind of story for its first 10 years of history.

Free Communication was founded in 2001 with the mission to promote, support and show the power of  PR as a major component of the communication process. The company started its activity as a product of the vision of the 3 partners: Alexandra Dinita, Laurentiu Nita and Nicoleta Matei.

Nowadays, the agency has a 15 people team and a turnover of some Euro 914,000 for 2010. The agency worked, over the time, with clients such IMF (International Monetary Fund), Austrian Presidency of EU, for Sibiu – European Cultural Capital 2007, German Marshall Fund of US, South Eastern Europe’s Private Equity Association.

Among the permanent clients of Free Communication there are Credit Europe Bank, Fresenius NephroCare Romania, Lindab Romania, Mazda CSEE, New Look, Oradea Shopping City, Renania, Salveaza Vieti, Wizz Air, Xella Ro (Ytong), Sanofi and Zentiva.