The 1st campaign in Romania for Pilot Frixion, signed by The Geeks

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The Geeks launched the 1st online campaign in Romania for Pilot Frixion, a brand exclusively distributed locally by Dacris. Pilot Frixion is an innovative product, a pen with ink that allows you to write, delete and re-write. The launched online campaign completes the integrated communication campaign that started, in September, on TV and outdoor.

The Geeks developed an online campaign that includes an innovative takeover of the main Romanian video sharing website, Trilulilu, and an online store dedicated to the product.

The takeover is an animation that takes place in the same time with the love story of two young people in a classroom, the perfect opportunity to discretely integrate a product demonstration

Beyond the online, The Geeks created two TV spots Teen Romance and The Crumpled Paper, and also the outdoor campaign that completed the media mix. The media services were insured by Starcom, while the video production was signed by Commitet.

[vimeo 28403181 nolink]

[vimeo 28401593 nolink]

We like to joke and say we developed an online campaign with a TV component. A sure thing is that the product was demanding a media mix to reach to a certain target of young people. This is the reason why Pilot Frixion is present now, simultaneously, on 3 media channels. Strategically speaking, I am glad we chose a direct and descriptive message. We took in consideration the fact that the product is an innovative one and, in this case, the role of the campaign is to be as explicit as possible and, eventually, demonstrative. As the 1st sales results are positive, we can trust that we took the good decisions

Costin Radu

Head of Creative Planning & Managing Partner The Geeks.

The teams working to develop the campaign included:

The Geeks: Vlad Petre – Brand Communication Director, Adrian Constantin – Creative Planner, Liviu Oros – Junior Copywriter, Alexandru Boiangiu – Senior Designer, Stefan Gugurel – Web Developer, Doru Sana – Flash Developer, Alexandru Gugurel – Online Project Manager and Costin Radu – Head of Creative Planning.

Dacris: Rucxandra Popa – Marketing Director, Valentina Preotu – Marketing Specialist.

The Geeks is part of the same communication group as Leo Burnett, Starcom MediaVest, 23 Communication Ideas, The Practice, iLeo and Digital Star. Recently, The Geeks was the agency with the most prizes won at Webstock 2011.

In its 1st year of activity, the agency developed projects for brands such as Doncafe, Lenor Parfumelle, Groupama Asigurari, Forbes, Zile si Nopti or Hervis Sports.