Simplicity and authenticity, focus in the new communication campaign for Volksbank Romania

Marketing, PR

Volksbank Romania brings back banking to its essence through its new integrated communication campaign that reflects, in the same time, the new image of the bank.

The new campaign, with a budget of around Euro 2M,  runs from October 2011 until March 2012, on a mix of channels that includes TV, radio, online and instore

The financial crisis from 2008 completely changed the way people are reporting to banks. The banking institutions stopped being some sort of Aladdin’s lamp that can make any dream come true. They came back in people’s perception to their original role, of institutions that take care of the money or that lend money in the proper moment

Alfred Borcan

Marketing Director Volksbank Romania

Starting from this new consumer’s perception, the new approach in communication adopted by Volksbank Romania is a pragmatic one and activates elements and real needs of the clients, in a post-materialistic period when the general trend of the population is to reconsider the material principles.

Alfred Borcan said banks need to adjust to people’s needs and to offer them simple banking products suited to the needs people have nowadays.

The products in new Volksbank’s offer are communicated in a way that matches the new communication lines, with the purpose to convince “through rational solutions and not through promises”.