Graffiti BBDO – The next 20 years


The advertising industry needs innovation, said Cristian Burci, founder of Graffiti BBDO, the 1st advertising agency in Romania, Thursday, during the event Graffiti BBDO – The next 20 years, Romanian press informs.

He referred to the changes in the communication industry and appreciated advertising agencies that will not bring innovation on the market will disappear. He also admitted that the changes in the industry represent a challenge for the key players on the market but reaffirmed the need to create new experiences for consumers

Burci also said that internet became the biggest distribution network in the worked and appreciated that, probably, it will become the biggest shopping mall also.

Regarding economical crisis and its impact on advertising industry, he predicted 2011 will be the best year until 2025.

The founder of Graffiti BBDO Romania thinks that agencies must sell more creations and more intelligence, managing better the budgets in a period in which the costs will matter more and more.

If it would be to start all over again, Burci would invest again in advertising, because it’s an industry where you can learn every day something new.

The new technologies are important and must be understood by advertising agencies, in his opinion. He also estimated that advertising agencies will be forced to become media companies that would produce different types of content. Burci also appreciated that the winning formula on the advertising market in the next couple years will be a well coordinated mix of content, technology and marketing.

The-agenda of the event was a pretty full one, with speakers coming from Graffiti BBDO’s team and management and a special guest, Simon Bond, CMO BBDO &Proximity Worldwide.