Hugo Pereira from Lisabon, the most connected person in the world, on Facebook

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Western Union Your World identified the most connected person in the world on Facebook, following the competition Western Union Network Challenge.

Hugo Pereira, a 26 years old young man from Lisabon working for an NGO, was designated the most connected person in the world, being on the 1st place on Western Union Network Challenge competition, an application created to discover the most connected person on Facebook.

Network Challenge was launched by Western Union in July 2011 to mark the 160th anniversary since the company was founded and to celebrate the status of the most connected company in the world, with over 470,000 offices in 200 countries and territories.

The search for the most connected person in the world was made via online interactive app Your World –, that allowed any Facebook user to see his connections in the world and generates a score that reflects its position globally.

In Romania, over 2,100 Facebook users entered Western Union Network Challenge from July to September. According to app’s data, Romanians have friends on Facebook from 221 regions of the world, most of them in UK, US and Italy.

Pereira won the competition with 4,932 friends in 124 regions of the world. He considers that this result was due to the fact he was president of the international students organization AIESEC, that has over 60,000 active members in 1,800 universities in 110 countries and territories.


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