Ziarul Financiar launched “The most important 1,000 businessmen”, the 4th edition of Romanian Who’s Who in Business Annual Report


Ziarul Financiar launched, on October 25th, the 4th edition of Who’s Who in Business, that  presents the most important 1,000 businessmen in Romanian economy – managers, entrepreneurs, specialists and consultants that matter for each Romanian industry.

“Who’s who in Business: The most important businessman” includes a ranking that puts into the spotlight managers that resisted and dominate the economic context and managed to help in stabilizing businesses they run or of which they are part.

Romanian managerial ranks changed massively in the last 10 years, got younger and more international. It also was subject to an analysis made by Ziarul Financiar, an analysis that focuses on the most stable sectors, domains that kept their key people and on the industries that rose up and stabilized financially.

Who’s who in Business includes personalities from each industry sector, being structured in 12 chapters: Financial services, Economy, Auto, Industry, Constructions & Real Estate, FMCG, Pharma & Health, Tourism & Restaurants, Media & Advertising, Professional Services, Transports & Commerce and IT & C.

“Who’s who in Business: The most important 1,000 businessman”  will be distributed along with Ziarul Financiar’s edition on October 25th.

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